May 29th Meeting

We met last night at Jack Y’s house to discuss the May book ‘Red Platoon’ by the Medal of Honor recipient Clinton Romesha. The book describes the battle for Camp Keating, a forward operating base in Nuristan province of Afghanistan on October 3, 2009.

Jack had the meeting catered by his favorite caterer Raphael 🙂

Jack started off the discussion by telling us about the Author, as is our custom.  Romesha is a thirty something former Army Staff Sergeant.  This is his first book and I think we all agreed that it was well written and very engaging.  Some of the members felt that the amount of detail he provided of the firefight was more than necessary, and unless you had a good picture of the compound was pretty confusing. But aside from that most of us felt he did a good job in describing what happened that day. Mike P mentioned that it was the first book that he read that speaks of war that he felt accurately describes what battle must feel like.

All of us felt that the Army’s decision to place a FOB where they did was a bad decision which then led to a discussion of why we are in Afghanistan at all.  It has been 17 years and there is still no end in sight.  I think we all agreed that we need to bring our service members home.

While no one gushed over the book the book was well rated. The nine members who rated the book averaged a 7.5

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