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April 24th Meeting

The bookclub met last Tuesday evening at Jack T’s house to discuss the book for April  “American Heiress” by Jeffrey Toobin. This is the story of the 1974 kidnapping and subsequent bizarre events of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army.

I was not present for the discussion butyI had a hard time getting through the book. Was a story at the time but seemed dated and as such didn’t hold my interest for most of the book.

Jack did provide a write up on the discussion from the night. He said :

It was a good meeting everyone except Tom Cawein enjoyed the book.  Damien refused to make any comments because the author wrote for the New Yorker.  Everyone believed Patti Hearst was guilty and should have spent more time in prison.  Many of us remembered the news headlines and were surprised at the many unknown details. Most of us felt she should have never been pardoned and would still be in jail if she was black.

Rating 6.8


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