March 27th Meeting

We’ll the group met on Tuesday at Harry’s daughters house to discuss our March book which was ‘The Snowman’ by Joe Nesbo. I wasn’t available that night so Wayne was kind enough to provide the synopsis for the book.

We had a great meeting and were able to celebrate Harry’s 92 birthday. Summary below

We started meeting with a brief discussion of liberal Scandianavian political, social and cultural characteristics that led to the myth of a bland but utopian society with equality for all and an absence of crime, corruption, racism and sexism. This superficial perspective led to the rise of the currently popular NORDIC NOIR or SCANDI CRIME FICTION that criticizes the liberalism of the Nordic model and exposes the dark secrets and hidden hatreds of a failed social system.
The book was generally well received with some saying it was skillfully written, informative, rich in content, complex, intense and made you think. It wasn’t an easy book to read due to the unpronounceable names/places, excessive characters, numerous twist and turns, and unnecessary length. Making you concentrate so much took away from the enjoyment!

The last question was..Would you read another Nesbo or Nordic Noir novel? About half of the group said yes.

A total of 12 votes averaged a rating of 6.8

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