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January 30th Meeting

For our first meeting of 2018 we met at Craig’s house to discuss ‘Born A Crime‘ the autobiographical account of the early life of Trevor Noah.   Craig and Marcy served Italian Beef sandwiches from Portillo’s. Being from Chicago I was most pleased with the menu selection :-).

We had a few members missing for the discussion, Damian and Mike were unavailable and Paul and Tom V had car troubles on the way (Carbecue).  Mike and Damian sent emails with their ratings and comments which were included in the totals.

All of the members that were there enjoyed the book.  Craig pointed out that this is really more a book about his mother than himself.  Her strong influence and how if effected his life in such a positive direction was the real story.  Jack T mentioned how this was a universal story in that it depicts so many of the struggles and foibles that we all encounter growing up. But, it was unique in that it is set against the backdrop of apartheid.

Instead of reading this book I actually listed to it on Audible.  Sine it was narrated by Trevor Noah, it added an extra dimension to the story. Hearing his accents and inflection made the story that much better.  If you liked the book,  I would suggest you give it a listen as it adds a lot to the story.

Rating 6.75

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