October 24 Meeting

Last Tuesday we met at John’s house to discuss the book ‘A Gentlemen in Moscow’ by Amor Towles. Before the discussion began we dined on Beef Storganoff and salad.  Nice night so we all were seated outside by the pool overlooking DP and out to the ocean. It was a great dinner and a great discussion.  Many thanks to John and Barbara for hosting.

We came in for the discussion and John led it off by providing a synopsis of the authors biography as is our custom.  I think the most common comment I heard over the course of the discussion was in reference to how well Towles writes.  The book, while I felt dragged a bit at times, flowed so well with great character development.  I think the whole group felt the respect and civility ( to use Towles idea ) with how the count interacted with all the characters throughout the novel.  Even given his circumstances, being under house arrest, he remains at all times a Gentlmen.

We had eleven members of the group for the evening, including Mike Puales. This was Mikes second meeting with the group. So welcome to our newest member. So with all eleven members scoring we had a average score of 7.6

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