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April 25th Meeting

We met last evening at Jack T’s house to discuss the April book ‘Ghettoside: The True Story of Murder in America’ by Jill Leovy. Jack and Barbara served Pulled Pork sliders, coleslaw, and baked french fry’s. It was great!

While several members were out ( 7 present ) we had a great discussion of the the book and the problems elicited in the book.  Most of us liked the book but were somewhat put off by the many characters and her writing style. It was pretty evident to all that this was her first book and she was trying to figure out the best way to tell the story and couldn’t settle on a consistent way to get her point across.


But, the best part of our discussion really centered on the problem of black on black crime and why it is such a problem and what the potential solutions are to the problem.  I think we all agreed that there is no single solution and it must come from many directions for a realistic, viable solution to be effective.  Money, more policing, a change in cultural values all have to come together to make a long term impact on this problem.

Damian pointed out, and I would certainly agree, that we would like to see a companion book from the author that now discusses the solutions to these issues from the social and political spectrum.

Rating 7.4

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Hello world!

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March 28th Meeting

We met the other Tuesday at Wayne’s house to discuss the book ‘The Black Widow’ by Daniel Silva. This is the latest installment in the Gabriel Allon series, the 16th as a matter of fact.

Prior to the discussion Wayne and Starrow served a lemon chicken and rice soup that was delicious.  It was also Harry’s 92nd birthday.  Happy Birthday to you Harry!!

The majority of the club found the book to be a fast paced page turner that closely mirrored actual events from the last year or so.  As Silva was about to publish the book he thought twice about doing so given the bombings in France and Belgium that had so many similarities with his novel. But, he chose to go forward with the book which then went on to be a best seller.

One of the things that struck me and others about this book was that it seemed fresher and smarter that the more recent books in this series.  For me his recent books have seemed pretty cookie cutter. This book however took me back to what his early novels in the series were like.  A nice change of pace.

Next month we are at Jack T’s to read a non-fiction book entitled ‘Ghettoside’

See you there

Rating 7.5

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