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January 28th Meeting

We met the other evening at Craig’s house to discuss the January book, ‘A Man Called Ove’ by Fredrick Backman.  Before the discussion began we were treated to a dinner of Frito Chilli pie that Craig and Marcy had from their time in the great state of Texas.  Cold beer, cornbread and salad filled out the menu and it was delicious. Thanks to them both for the hospitality.

Prior to the discussion of the book starting I presented the group some stats on our book club since this book was the 50th we have read since it was started.

Top 3 Rated Books
1/28/2014 Red Sparrow 8.89
9/30/2014 Fall of Giants  8.5
10/28/2014 The Kill Artist 8.2

Bottom 3 Rated Books
6/28/2016 Them 4.2
5/26/2105 Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk 4.6
10/25/2016 The Strange Death of Vincent Foster 5.2

Total Pages Read

Time to Read them All
370 Hrs

The group was pretty divided on the book.  For the most part it was either really liked or panned.  Some in the group felt that it was way longer than it needed to be and filled with cliche’s while others in the group found it to be a great story that had parts that we could all easily relate to.  Anyway you look at it provided great discussion for all who were there.

Speaking of all who were there, we added a new member to the group this month (Tom) bringing our total to 12. So we must be doing something right to keep growing.

Rating 7.4
Till next time

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