October 25th Meeting

fosterSorry I missed the discussion of this month’s book, ‘The Strange Death of Vincent Foster’ by Christopher Ruddy. While I do love a good conspiracy theory, and this one sure fits the bill, I wish the author would have been better at telling the story that just presenting the facts as he did. I do remember when this happened and felt that something was a little ‘off’ with the timing and what was the outcome of the investigation. Frankly, I am surprised that it wasn’t one of ‘The Donalds’ talking points during the debates.

Like me,  Damian was out of town this week, his take on the book is as follows:
They say that Reagan was the Teflon president, but he has nothing on the Clintons. The author carries with him the credibility of the Hoover Institution and has certainly presented a strong case that the official version of events has holes in it. I am surprised that Watergate, which was literally on the news every night, received far more coverage than an actual death under mysterious circumstances. I can only wonder what the reaction would have been if this had happened during a Republican administration.

The author bludgeons us with facts, which is probably the correct way to present the evidence in a case like this. I do wish that there was more of a narrative flow to the book, but that may be difficult to achieve. I give this book a 6 and consider it very relevant given that the Clinton’s still play such an important part of current American politics.

Mike was kind enough to provide the following notes on the discussion that took place during the meeting:

– Almost unreadable due to the unnecessary and overwhelming detail and redundancy.
– Right up there with SALT!
– Power of media to set the nation’s public agenda
– Possible criminal behavior of White House staff
– Problems with evidence
– Official inquiries fraught with ineptness, inadequacy, and even possible complicity.
– Clinton’s quest for power and wealth
– Clintons hardly mourned their once close friend
– No questioning of “suicide” by Foster’s wife
– Six days to find note
– Quick burial four days after death

Adding Damians score of 6 and my score of 5.5 that would put the overall rating of the book at 5.2

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