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September 27 Meeting

wildfireWe met last Tuesday evening at Jack’s house to discuss the September book ‘Wild Fire’ by Nelson DeMille. The meal for the evening was Swedish Chili along with Hors d’Oeuvres and of course the liquid refreshments. Thanks to Jack ( and Judy) for the hospitality.

At our last meeting before our summer break we all decided that we wanted to read some fiction for the summer break.  So Paul led the discussion on this book which got mixed reviews.

The plot revolves around the investigation of a plan to start a nuclear incident in the middle East after a supposed attack by them on two US cities.  But, of course, these two attacks are orchestrated by members of a group ( that sounded very similar to the Bilderberg group) who wanted initiate a programmed attack after a first strike is launched on us.

The protagonists in this plot are a husband wife team from the FBI and police organization who are sent to find out what happened to another agent sent to investigate the groups compound. These two are ongoing characters of DeMille where she plays the foil to the husbands sarcastic nature. He feels that they can solve the case all by themselves, which of course they end up doing.

About half the group felt the main characters sarcasm was over done. Personally it was one of the things that turned me off on the book. But others in the group liked the interactions that the main character has throughout. People also found the technologies used in the book to be realistic and plausible to carry out the end game put in place by the bad guys.

Next month we are at Mikes house discussing “The Strange Death of Vincent Foster” by Christopher Ruddy.

Rating 6.16

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June 28 Meeting

themI just realized that I never wrote up our discussion of the book ‘Them’ by Jon Ronson.  Sorry, must have had vacation on my mind or something.  So let me see if I can go back and reconstruct the when, where, an what we thought for this book.  I do remember that we were at Craig’s house and he BBQ’d some great Kabobs that night.

I think that the book was a little bit out there for the group.  The authors interactions with fringe groups and representatives left most of us scratching our heads on two counts, 1) are there really people out there like this, and 2) why doe the author think we should care.

Even though the book wasn’t very highly rated, I do remember finding parts of it interesting in that it pointed to a whole underbelly of fringe out there which I didn’t know existed.

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