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February 23 Meeting

devilinthe groveWe met last Tuesday evening at Mikes house to discuss ‘Devil in the Grove’, the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winning book describing the state of Civil Rights in the south and Thurgood Marshal’s,  and the NAACP’s  fight to overcome Jim Crow in the South.

Seven of the members were there ( Just a quick shout out to Paul –  Hope you are better soon ).  As well as a welcome back to Harry.  Nice to have his insight into segregation and the military at the end of WWII. Lastly, thanks to Mike for hosting and leading, and providing the dinner and drinks.

The discussion went in many directions on Tuesday.  Most of us related our personal experiences with racism from when we were young.  Harry told of seeing his neighborhood change from white to black,  Jeff related his experience with bussing in California versus how it was in South Carolina. Wayne spoke of his experience in traveling across the south in the sixties and how it differed from the way it was in Southern California at the time. I related my experiences growing up outside of Chicago and how it was so different from what it was like in areas of he city proper.

The ratings of the book were somewhat mixed.  I liked it a lot, others not so much.  Some thought it bounced around to much, and there were way to many characters to keep track of. But all in all I thought it was a great view of what the South was like 70 years ago. But the good thing is that it does show how far we have come since then.

Rating 7.35


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