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September 30 Meeting

deceptionpointWe met last evening at Paul’s house for Pizza (Thank you for that Paul!!) and to talk about our summer read, ‘Deception Point’ by Dan Brown. Most of the current members were there, just missing Craig and Mike.

The book was liked for the most part by those in attendance.  I did hear via Paul that Mike had issues with believe ability, and I think that is true for most of us, but the general consensus was that the book was entertaining.  Paul, Jeff, and I all mentioned how the book would leave you hanging at the end of chapters and leave you wanting to get back to that story line that would be picked up again in a few chapters.  So there were cliff hangers happening throughout the book.

All in all I think most of us felt that it was a good summer read.

Till next time…..

Rating 6.82

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