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June 30th Meeting

macI just realized that I never did a write up on our last book before the summer break.  We met on Tuesday June 30th at Jacks house to discuss the book, ‘Positively Fifth Street’ by James McManus.

The book was well liked by all the book club readers.  I particularly liked the way he mixed the two stories together in the book. The story of the murder of Ted Binion  and the subsequent murder trail, and the separate but intertwined story of the authors attempt to win the World Series of Poker which was occurring during the trial. I felt it was a really interesting book that provided a glimpse into the world of high stakes poke and all those who participate


We even got a chance to play a little Texas Holdem that night. For those who were not acquainted with the game we dealt a few hands and explained how the betting worked.  I think it provided some insight into the book for those members who had never played Texas Holdem before.

Rating 7.3

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