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May 26th Meeting

billyWe met last Tuesday at Mikes house to discuss the May book, ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ . This was a work of fiction (based on an actual event) which describes a group of soldiers who are back in the States from their tour in Iraq on a promo tour around the nation for the Army.

We had nine members at the meeting  (Welcome to Jeff our newest member).

Mike had box lunches for dinner with some great sandwiches and of course cold beer.

The evening started out with a discussion of the language of the book.  My own take was that he got the tone or style of the language of the of the main characters exactly right. I thought it was a great depiction of the typical entry level military.

Jack then presented some research he did on the participation of enlistees in the Army.  It was as you would expect, the lower the economics of the area the greater the percentage of those enlisting in the military.

Paul took particular issue with the the authors put down of prayer in the book. He felt that the author was anti-Christian among other antis. And I think that all the members felt that the book was mostly anti.  I think we all struggled to figure out what the author was trying to say in the book.  Was it satire, anti-war, anti-christian, anti-government?

Since the group had a hard time figuring out what the author was trying to say the book was not highly rated.

Rating: 4.6

FYI if you would like to see the video of the Destiny Child performance that Bravo Co participated in you can see it here.

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exOldie but goodie


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Ball Four

ball4The best sports book I have ever read but I know many more


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hawaiiI have read all of Micheners novels.

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From Here to Eternity

enernityGreat book and great movie


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April 28 Meeting

personalWe met on the 28th of April at Paul’s house to discuss Lee Child’s book  ‘Personal.  Paul, as I had hoped, made pizza for the group. As always the pizza turned out great.

7 of the 8 book club members were present for the discussion.  Mike was still out of town, but he did send his review and rating to Paul ahead of the meeting.

As usual Paul gave us a synopsis of Lee Childs career and bibliography. This is the 20th Jack Reacher novel that he has penned.

The discussion started with an explanation of the design philosophy of the AK 47, since it was an integral part of the book.  Interesting that the prime target ( no pun intended ) is a rifle for the masses.

Harry brought out an interesting point in that he mentions the unusual characters and ideas that Childs puts in his books.  The character that is so large that he has to have everything specially made for him due to his size.  Also, the idea that the sniper shot would have to actually been two due to the time the round would be in the air.  Had never come across any of these ideas before.

Paul posed the question to the group about if we liked the character (Reacher).  The group seemed split on this idea.  For me there were some parts of the character I liked and others I didn’t find believable.  And I think that was true for the rest of the group, except for Mike who was not a fan of the book at all :-).

Was the book an easy read?  I think we all agreed that it was an easy read except maybe for Mike.  Wayne maintained that the book was ‘entertaining’ and I think that was a great description for the book.

At the end of the evening, we talked again about putting a list together of all of our favorite books.  To that end I have created a page that allows you to create an entry that you can put up a listing for your favorite book(s).  You can do it at this Link.

Rating 5.8125

Till next time……….

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