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The Drifters



I read this novel shortly before embarking on my first trip to Europe. It was so easy to identify with the people and places in the book that when I did travel we ended up at cities mentioned in the book and it felt like I had been there before. Michener is so good at painting a picture with words and providing such background in all his works. I think that the book set the stage for the trip and so it is, and will always be, one of my favorite books.

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March 31st Meeting

s11We met last evening at Wayne’s house to discuss Emily St John Madel’s ‘Station Eleven’.  Wayne and Storrow served Halibut fish-tacosand Carne Assada tacos that were just great. Thanks to both of them for the delicious spread.

6 of the book club members were present (Harry and Mike could not make it). But, even being short two people we had a extremely good discussion on the book.  I think simply the nature of the book allowed for a great deal of the discussion.  Since I had suggested the book I took on the leader role for the night.

As per our custom I opened the discussion with a introduction to the author.  She is a relatively young author now based in New York, but originally from Canada. Also she studied dance at Toronto School of Dance.  So location and a penchant for the arts certainly influenced her writing in this work.

This book, as all her books,  was written in a non-linear style and I was curious on how the group felt about this.  Since I read the book twice (as did John) we felt  pretty comfortable with her jumping back and forth in the book.  I think a second reading really assisted that.  However, the others mentioned that it was confusing and didn’t flow very well.  Wayne felt they need more clues as to what was happening and I can certainly see that.  I struggled with it on the first read.

Craig took issue with the fact that the book, as most post apocalyptic books do, have those who survive the apocalypse abandoning the cities and heading to the country.  Also,  that those left don’t have the smarts to keep the technology running and all revert back to a ‘simpler time’.  He questioned why it would take 25 years for someone to get the lights back on.

There were lots of other areas of discussion we touched on.  Paul and Craig took issue with the lack of a religious presence in the book, aside from the prophet. The use of the comic as a metaphor for the broken earth. Whether the survivors should continue teaching what it was like before the Pandemic.

So as you could guess there was a lot of material for discussion and we ranged through it all. I think most members, even if they didn’t overly like the book, enjoyed the discussion that occurred.

So next moth we will be at Paul’s and the book will be ‘Personal’ by Lee Childs.  Looking forward to the Pizza and discussion.

Till then……..

Rating: 6.75





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