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October 28th Meeting

kaOn Tuesday the 28th we all met at John’s house to discuss the first book in the Gabriel Allon series from Daniel Silva, ‘The Kill Artist‘.  Before the discussion began John provided a dinner of beef sandwiches, chips, slaw and pickles.  The beer was cold and the dinner was excellent.  Kudo’s to John.

We then moved on to the discussion of the book led by Mike.  Actually we had a mix up with the leader for this book.  Both Mike and I prepared for it so I let him take the lead and I will lead next months discussion. It was interesting that some of the questions that Mike presented were very similar to the questions that I came up with as well.

One of the key areas of discussion was character development in the book. All of the members felt that Silva was very good at developing the characters in the book making them believable and human. You get enough detail on each character that you are easily able to connect to them.  No one seems just superficial or superhuman.

We also discussed the multiple locations where the action takes place in the book.  Silva ranges all over Europe and the Mid East as the book progresses.  All of the members felt this enhanced the book greatly.  You would come on a passage that was in a city where you may have traveled and it brought an instant connection with the book.

As I mentioned all of those who read the book liked it a lot.  It was believable, had great characters, and kept your interest.

Rating  8.2

Till next time.



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September 30th Meeting

fogOn Tuesday the 30th of September all members of the group were at Erics house for Mexican food and the discussion of Ken Follets book ‘Fall of Giants’.  This is the first book in his Century Trilogy.

The book was well liked by all the attendees and I think we all felt that we learned something from the book.  For me just seeing the way that the alliances that were in place across Europe at the time and how that precipitated the start of the war was an insight I never knew.  Also, how this was a war that could have easily been prevented and yet due to these alliances, and the imperialist intentions of the great European powers the war left 8.5 million dead and 21 million wounded.

We took time to discuss favorite our characters from the book as well.  There were a lot of votes for Maude and  Ethel.  Billy twice also seemed to be a character that related well with the members and gathered a lot of votes.  But I think we all agreed that Follet does a good job of character development.

I encourage those of you who liked this book to read the second book of the trilogy  ‘Winter World’ .  I remember enjoying it more than the first book.  And, I intend to read the third book in the trilogy now that it has just come out.

Rating  8.5

Till next time.

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