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Shadow of the Wind

sotwIn addition to the book for this months get together, I have ‘The Shadow of the Wind’, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon on my nightstand. It was a NY Times Bestseller that my wifes bookclub read last year. Currently half way through it and have found it to be very interesting. Might be a candidate for next year. I’ll update this when I finish and let you know.


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May 27th Meeting

ksTonight we met at Pauls house to discuss Vince Flynn’s book ‘Kill Shot‘. Before the  discussion Paul baked 3 pie’s ( Sausage, Pepperoni, and a Meatball) which  lived up to expectations.  Growing up in Chicago I have a pretty high expectation when it comes to Pizza, and as always Pauls Pizza meets the mark.

After pizza the discussion began with Paul’s presentation of the authors biography.  Personally, I was surprised that he didn’t have some background in government service (i.e. CIA) given his subject matter. He must have a cadre of people he worked with for facts and process.  They seemed pretty well defined for someone who doesn’t come from that background.

In general most members liked the book.  It was an easy read that kept the readers attention and came to an expected conclusion.  The characters were well defined ( Mike felt to well defined in the case of Victor ).  But, some of us were less than excepting when it came to believability.  While I liked the book, I struggled with the realism and for that fact didn’t rate it very high.  Craig was similarly inclined and liked the book but struggled with believing it.  Paul had mentioned that some of the other of Flynn’s books were better than ‘Kill Shot’.  He weaves in real world events and people to make it more believable. That makes me think I might try it again when I am looking for a beach book.

Towards the end of the evening Eric brought up an interesting question . Do we think think that the government has people like Mitch Rapp employed as assassins?  What do you think?

Rating 6.95

Until June….


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April 28th Meeting

malmudMore a novel than a book about baseball. 

Movie had a happy ending instead of the ending in the book. 

Author was a Jewish boy from NYC who move to Oregon and then came back East. A Pulitzer Prize winner but not for this book. 

Basically we liked the book and this keyed our interest in looking at some more award winning novels. John C asked about Steinbeck.  Craig has the assignment over the summer to find the Top 100 historical novels so we can pick one out each year

Book had a mystical element to story and characters which many of us did not pick up but many of us have not been accused us of just being pretty faces. 

Rating 7.333 

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