March 25th Meeting

ahcThe March meeting was held at Johns house and was attending by all 9 members of the club. After hors d’oeuvres, pasta, salad and a few beers, graciously supplied by John, Eric led the discussion on the book ‘A Higher Call‘ by Adam Makos. As our custom to give a brief bio on our author, Eric called the company who was mentioned at the end of the book to get some more information. Turns out he got connected to the authors mother. As such, he was able to get some unique insights on the book and a potential upcoming screenplay of the story.  Might be fun to see it on the big screen after reading it.
This was a book that the whole club enjoyed which was very highly rated even garnering a 10 from Eric. It was an very entertaining story of the ‘Greatest Generation’ sacrifices and struggles during World War II and the subsequent relationship that develops between the books two main characters
During the meeting Jack related some of the statistics related to the airmen of the United States and Germany, and it is staggering to think of those kinds of losses. Makes me wonder if any nation today would have the will and determination to go to those extremes in modern day warfare.
I felt privileged to be able to share with the group the story of my father-in-law, Ernie Johnson, and his story of WWII.  He was shot down over Germany in 1945, parachuted safely away from his B24 and was captured and sent to a German POW camp run by the German Air Force.  He was held at the POW camp for the remaining year and a half, finally being released as the war ended.
Many years later he was contacted by a member of the Bavarian Parliament who had happened to have grown up on the diary farm that his plane crashed on when shot down during the war. He and the remaining crew from his plane were invited to come back to Germany to participate in a Peace ceremony held to commemorate both sides of the conflict. The parallels between his story and the book were amazing. But, I guess with so many young men involved in such a struggle and life changing event stories like these were bound to happen.
Till next month….

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