February 25th Meeting

saltWell I am finally getting around to posting the notes on our last meeting.  Just in time for the get together next week.  I really do have a bunch of excuses:  was out of town, had computer issues, the dog ate my homework. All kidding aside,  I will try and be more diligent in the future ( more about that later).  Since I wasn’t in town for last month’s discussion I will rely on Pauls write up of the book. However, that said my take on the book seemed to go along with the general consensus.  It was dry, not very well organized and more than I ever wanted to know about salt. OK, now here is what Paul said:

Best comments:

 Eric  – I am embarrassed to say I even read the book
Mike  – It was like pinball, one moment in 1900 then next sentence back two thousand years.
Everyone –  like a text book, way too long but some very interesting bits of trivia but everyone passed Wayne’ s quiz and he handed out chocolate cookies after a delicious soup. No pickled fish’

Since I was so remiss in getting the website updated in a timely manner Harry has graciously volunteered to step in when I am unavailable an assist with this project.  When we were talking I also mentioned to him that I have wanted to revamp the website from top to bottom in the near future.  I started this as a lark but is has grown to be a useful tool.  However the tools I am using to manage the site today are very limited and so it needs to be retooled.  Hopefully Harry and I will be able to change it up and make it even better in the future. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on design I would be happy to entertain them.  If nothing else it should be a fun project.

Till next week


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