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January 28th Meeting

redsparrowFor this book club we discussed ‘Red Sparrow’ by Jason Mathews.  This book was originally recommended by Harry from the suggestion page of the web site.  I read it shortly after his recommendation and was quickly taken with the book.  I was glad that it then became a choice for the whole group to read. It prompted me to read the book a second time and I found it just as enjoyable as the first time around.

Nine of the 10 club members were on hand for the discussion.  My intent was to have the dinner menu for the evening come from the recipes in the book, but after several trail runs I was not overly thrilled with my choices.  So I opted for a Mexican theme for the evening.  Everyone seemed to like the switch 🙂

Paul led the discussion and started by asking all the members if they liked the book. Everyone responded positively to include one person saying it was the best book we had read.  I thought that was a pretty high mark seeing the response we had to ‘Life of Pi’. ( Just kidding Paul ). Comments were made about the characters, the realism, and the unpredictability of the book.  Most people said they were surprised at how the book ended.  I think that is a great thing when an author can keep the reader guessing till the end.

The discussion was very lively.  Most members felt that a second book in the series is a sure thing.  Personally I hope so as I enjoyed the book a lot.  Voting on the book ranged from 8 to 10 points, achieving a average of 8.89.  That is the most highly rated book since we have started gathering numbers.

Next month it is ‘Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky’.  This is a work of non-fiction by the winner of the James Beard Award for Excellence in Food Writing for ‘Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World’.  Read that on Amazon and had to include it. LOL

See you all next month…

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