December 3rd Meeting

kjSorry it’s taken this long to get the discussion updated.

Thanks to Paul for the synopsis of the discussion from meeting since I was out of town for the last get together..

Highlight question for our discussion of Bill O’Reilly’s book ‘Killing Jesus’ was why do you think O’ Reilly wrote this book. The answers ranged for money, publicity, to what I thought was the best answer, a sense of evangelism to give a historical narrative of the greatest person that ever lived. People come and go but Jesus remains and his followers today are constantly under attack as we constantly hear of the Religious Right.

Next book club we will be at my house discussion Harry’s suggested title ‘Red Sparrow’. I must admit that I read this book soon after Harry recommended it a while back.  I did enjoy it and may even use a recipe or two from the book for the meeting dinner.

See you all then.


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