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September 24th Meeting

tipBook club was September 24th at Harry’s daughters house and it was a great evening. Karen made Beef Stew for us and we discussed the ‘7 Tipping Points of Freedom’ led by Eric.  Everyone enjoyed the book and all had personal favorites of the individual stories. Personally I found it interesting when we looked to more recent times for possible ‘Tipping Point’s’ that are more current, as well as potential ‘Flipping Point’s’ were we are setting the course of freedom back.  As a new ‘Tipping Point’ Kyle suggested Ronald Regans challenge to Mikahil Gorbachev to ‘Tear down that wall….’ which eventually led the removal of the Berlin wall and opening up freedoms via the breakup of the USSR.  While it was felt that the attacks of 9/11 led to the loss on personal freedoms by our governments increased security of the common man. Feel free to add to this post with any others that you may come up with.

Harry also broached an idea on the vote.  A optional secondary vote after taking and passing a ‘Validation Exam’ which would weed out the less informed voter on all kinds of issues.  Harry I apologize if I have misstated the means or methods 🙂

We also welcomed a new member to the group, John Cummings.  Welcome aboard and happy reading.

Next months book is ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’  by John Krakauer. We will be meeting October 29th at Craig’s house wiht the discussion to be led by Craig as well.

See you all there.

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